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100% cotton; Handmade in Berlin.


The Beben Bag from the Corinth Kiez for a better world. The founding team of Beben Berlin, Jan and Bele met the young designer Stella Graber in her neighborhood. They quickly came up with the idea to develop the product for this year's Beben4Humanity campaign together and to create a product that could be sold not only for a limited period of time, but could be offered all year round to raise funds. Stella Graber, like Beben Berlin started her own business in 2020 and found her professional home in Friedrichshain. Her designs score with high quality fabrics, an exceptional style and combines Berlin with a dreamy touch of Paris.


100% of the profits will be donated to: Visions for Children.


The Beben Bag

60,00 €Preis
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